Taken out a dealer service package?

We can still assist you & save you money!!

Did you realise these packages only cover basic service items, not wear and tear parts such as brake pads/discs, tyres, exhausts, wiper blades etc...
The dealer will charge you extra for these... and at dealer rates!
Save 's by having any additional work carried out by Daly E.M.S.

Warranty Servicing

Block Exemption Regulation (BER)

Before BER it was difficult to have new cars serviced outside a franchised dealer.

Legislation now changes the way cars may be serviced. It gives motorists a lot more freedom in the decision as to who should look after their vehicle.

Daly EMS can now offer you that freedom by:
  • Servicing your car in accordance with the manufacturers schedule.
  • Fitting original parts or parts of matching quality.
  • Retaining a full service history
  • Preserving your manufacturers warranty.
  • Offering significant savings compared to a franchise dealer

Affordable quality you can trust

Regular servicing will prolong the life of your vehicle and helps you to plan for maintenance before it becomes a necessity.
We keep a record of your vehicles service history so that we can advise on future maintenance and plan services to coincide with MOT tests (when required).

Engine Tuning.
We use Bosch test equipment to highlight deficiencies in your cars performance, economy and exhaust pollution.

Emissions Testing
The emissions test is an important part of the MOT. If your car fails, we have the equipment and expertise to ensure the problem is rectified promptly.
Some of our equipment.
One of our mechanics.
Some of our equipment.
Electrical Repair.
We carry out repairs on starters, batteries and ignition systems. To keep inconvenience and costs to a minimum, we can provide Bosch exchange units, all of which are manufactured to original specification. Alongside this service, we carry out laser 4-wheel alignment to ensure even tyre wear and smooth running.

Major Garage Repairs.
We are set up to carry out garage repairs ranging from clutches, steering, suspension and braking to the installation of major units such as engines and gear boxes.

All of our work and parts are guaranteed.

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