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Code Of Practice

Our commitment:

  • We adhere to the Bosch Car Service Code of Practice.
  • We provide advice on all motoring needs without obligation.
  • Written estimates for work are given on request.
  • Authorisation is sought if any additional work is found necessary.
  • Warranty on both labour and parts used is given.
  • Information is given about work carried out and parts used.
  • Displaced parts are made available on request.
  • Attention is given to vehicle care and cleanliness.
  • We always provide our customers with the most courteous, friendly and efficient service possible.
  • Bosch Car Service is the first organisation, in the motor vehicle repair and service sector, to have a consumer code of practice approved by the office of fair trade.
  • Full details of the Code are available from our garage.

Move up a gear with Bosch Car Service

At Daly EMS, we are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction.
If customers have any observations which they would like to make, please do not hesitate to inform us at once!
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